The Book of Worst Meals

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The Book of Worst Meals contains essays by 25 writers on their worst culinary experiences, tales of wretched dining in Paris, Edinburgh, Philadelphia, and throughout the UK, as well as disastrous holiday meals and the food of failed relationships.



Martin Donoff, A Turbid Stew of Quivering Flotsam
Ellen Visson, Une Américaine en Brochette: Dining in Switzerland during the Cold War
Terence Kerrigan, Eating Italian in Paris with Stanley Elkin and Candy
Gladys Swan, The Savor of Experience
Duff Brenna, Inuvik Sneeze Sauce
Dennys Knomate, Danish Christmas Lunch
Thomas McCarthy, Breakfast in Brighton
Mimi Schwartz, There but for the Grace: First Thanksgiving
Steve Davenport, Bang, Boot, Man, Woman
Renée Ashley, Her Very Worst Meal and How It Was Much like theThree Fat Men—One of Whom Was Wearing a Beret— She Saw Today
Susan Tekulve, Hell Broth & Poisoned Entrails: An Affair with Scottish Cookery
Wallis Wilde-Monozzi, The Power of a Curse
Victor Rangel-Ribeiro, Honeymoon Dinner on Mahabaleshwa Mountain
Peter Selgin, The Dutchess Flounder
R.A. Rycraft, First & Seconds
Alexandra Marshall, Sukiyaki Song
Catherine Doty, Gnaw Thanks
Lisa del Rosso, Kosher Blues
Walter Cummins, Vile Memories
Sudeep Sen, Carving Salmon
Kenneth Smoady, The Food Wars of My Childhood
Sean Finucane Toner, The Quarter Million Dollar Chicken Filet
Thomas E. Kennedy, Portuguese Garden Buffet
Michael Lee, Stepping over the Velvet Rope


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