Made Priceless: Some Things Money Can't Buy

H. L. Hix's Made Priceless: Some Things Money Can't Buy is available on Amazon.com.

Made Priceless presents snapshots of objects that their holders treasure: a 1950s swivel rocker, a fortune-cookie fortune that reads “The rubber bands are heading in the right direction,” a marble with a world map painted on it, a bread-baking pan, a bar of soap, crocheted doilies, a masonry trowel… Each object has its own story, each its own meaning. The book’s contributors include artists, a banker, a retired career military officer, secretaries, a pilot, stay-at-home mothers, students, professors, and others, each with a testament in praise of something priceless. The result is a remarkable collection that honors what money can’t buy, and celebrates the extraordinary significance in an ordinary things.


Information about the Editor

H. L. Hix lives in the mountain west, among objects with little monetary value to others but a lot of spiritual and emotional resonance for him, and also among living beings: five chickens, a dog, and his human partner, Kate Northrop, who, though she is not an object, does “include the universe in her constitution and the laws of her being.”


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