The Girl with Red Hair

The Girl with Red Hair is forthcoming and will be available on Amazon.com.

The Girl with Red Hair is a collection inspired by centuries of red hair lore, but especially the languorous photo on the front cover. Nineteen authors created stories, poems, and an essay to reveal the special powers of the world’s redheads, the forces of their hold over the other 98 percent of humanity.



The Short Time of Smiling, Lance Olsen
Marie, Beside the River, H.L. Hix
Unheard Melodies, Tom Dunn
L’Auteur des Choses, Thomas E. Kennedy
Guide to the Outer Islands, Robert Stewart
His Mother’s Child, Walter Cummins
The Lilies of Wolf Creek, Susan Tekulve
Ruby-in-a-Bottle, Renée Ashley
My Red Desdemona, David R. Poe
Laughter in the Dark, Niels Hav
Other People’s Problems, Ladette Randolph
Danger, Pamela Painter
A Photo of My Mother, 1972, Steve Kowit
Fluent, Alexandra Marshall
Gwen, Betsy and Anne Marie Jensen, Dorthe Nors
Nine Lives of the Cougar, Duff Brenna
What We Want, Laura McCullough
Beauty Salon Love, Laura McCullough
Collector, Line-Maria Lång
Cayenne Pepper, Steve Heller


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Line-Maria Lång Reading "Collector"

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